Digital learning in textile & clothing

Online webinar about digital teaching and learning
Erasmus Days 2021.

This webinar will present the work achieved by project consortium experts in developing cutting-edge digital MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) for 8 of the most-needed occupation profiles in the TCLF industries.

  1. Textile technologist
  2. Clothing CAD patternmaker
  3. Leather technologist
  4. 3D footwaer CAD Designer & patternmaker
  5. Digital marketing specialist
  6. Sustainability technician
  7. (Digital) Supply Chain Analyst,
  8. Process & Production Timeline Analyst

15 october 2021 – 14:30 to 16:00

These open-license MOOCs offer high-quality learning material, with a strong focus on simulation and real-life situations. Piloted with around 2.000 young students from across Europe, the webinar will present the MOOCs’ strengths and how teachers can use them to enhance their regular teaching material.

The event will also feature as guest speaker the President of the European Digital Learning Network who will offer guidance on how to make use of and capitalise on digital learning, and there will of course be room for exchanges and discussions.